Step 3 – Color Coat

An elastomeric tintable top coating derived from a water based acrylic emulsion polymer. Used as a COLOR COAT after Step 2 ROLL-TEX has been applied.

Designed to strengthen the top layer, prevent spalling, provide a stain resistant barrier, prevent premature aging, hard wearing, resist efflorescence, and is non-yellowing.

Used in conjunction with the Spantex system to waterproof decks, balconies, above ground walkways. Must be used over Step  2 – ROLL-TEX.


Product Description


VOC: 95 g/L

Odor: Mild odor

Solids: 47.8% by volume

Packaged: .95 U.S. Gallon, 3.50 L

2.70 U.S. Gallons, 10.50 L

Composition: Water based acrylic emulsion polymer

Characteristics: Finish coat for SPANTEX coating system

Consistency: Viscous liquid

Interior or Exterior use: Interior and/or Exterior

Application method: Brush and 10 mil roller

Application Temperature: Above 13  C/55  F but no higher than 30  C/85  F

Application Rate: 120 sq ft. per US gallon

Dry Touch Time: 1 – 2 hours depending on temperature and humidity

Dry Time: 4.0 hours at 21  C (70  F)

Clean up: Water

Shelf life: 5 years

Storage: Keep containers tightly closed. Introduction of any foreign object may

decrease storage life expectancy. Do not Freeze. Store in warm location.


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