Step J Fill-Tex

Flexible putty like joint, crack and deck leveling filler derived from water based acrylic emulsion polymer.

Featuring good adhesion to wood, concrete, plywood and metal and Step 1 Prime-it and Step 2 ROLL-TEX. Low shrinkage, low VOC, environmentally friendly.

Designed to fill and level plywood joints, screw and knots holes in plywood as well as the transition between flashings and plywood. Used in conjunction with Polyester Seam Tape




VOC: 72 g/L

Odor: Very mild

Solids: 69.4% by volume

Packaged: 1 US Qt (.946 ml)

1 US Gal (3.78 L)

Composition: Water based acrylic polymer emulsion

Weight: 13.5 lbs/US Gal – 3.38 lbs./ US Qt.

Characteristics: Thick putty like filler with extremely low shrinkage

Consistency: Viscous white colour putty

Interior or Exterior use: Both

Application method: Putty knife

Application Temperature: 10°C to 32°C (50°F to 90°F)

Application Rate: 256 sq. ft. per gal. – 64 sq. ft. per qt. average usage for a new plywood deck surface, seams, screw holes, and knot holes.

Dry Touch Time: 2 to 3 hours @ 21°C (70°F) depending on thickness of application

Clean up: Water

Shelf life: 5 years

Storage: Keep containers thightly closed. Keep out of reach of children. Introduction of any foreign object may decrease storage life expectancy. Do not Freeze. Store in warm location.


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